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Nightengale Elementary Library Mission 

It is the role of the Library Media Program to cultivate an enthusiasm for reading, which is the foundation for developing effective users of ideas and information. In our technology-driven society, information is everywhere.
In the Massena Central School District, the Library Media Program is an extension of the classroom. Collaboration between the librarian and classroom teachers and supporting Common Core is the key to student success.
Winter Time - Figure Skating Poem
Vaishnavi Lingam
Figure skating, icy form of dance.
Gorgeous jumps and spins,
Unique winter sport.
Racing across the ice.
Exciting thing, I love to do.
Skates are white and shining.
Kind teachers teaching you.
Amazing costumes.
try it out in winter.
Ice is clean and shiny,
No limits,
Great activity to do.
Wonderous time of year!
Ice and snow,
Nice snowmen in a row.
Time for sledding and fun.
Everywhere you look there is snow.
Go racing through the snow!