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Nightengale Elementary

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WELCOME to 2020 - 2021
The Public Library's summer theme 'Imagine Your Story.' was awesome! Check out the Massena Public Library's Summer Reading Gallery. You will continue to have access to your databases, SORA and your public library overdrive all school year!
If you have any questions you can contact Mrs. Tatro:       
Massena Public Library's phone number:  315-769-9914 

Adding North Country Library System (NCLS) to your Sora account (in 5 easy steps)

  1. Sign in to your Sora account using your school email and password.
    1. Click the 3 horizontal bars in the right-hand corner of your Sora page.
  2. When your profile opens, click Add a Public Library.
  3. Type in North Country Library System – and click “This is my library”
  4. When you are searching for items, make SURE to check the box “Search all of my libraries” and you will see results from both the public and school libraries.  You should see results for both St. Lawrence Lewis BOCES and North Country Library System.
  5. Do you have a Public Library Card? (NCLS covers all of St. Lawrence County, so if you have a library card from a public library in St. Lawrence County, you are all set)
      1. If "Yes." When you see a book from the NCLS collection and click “borrow,” you will be prompted to add you NCLS library card number and pin (helpful hint:  the default pin is usually the last 4 digits of the phone number you used when you signed up for your library card).  
      2. If "No." Go to this link:$N?pc=SYMWS and fill out the form and click Register.  You will get an email with your Library card number.

        Please note:  once the public libraries re-open, you will have to bring in ID to your local library to pick up a physical library card. But you will be able to start using your library card number RIGHT AWAY for digital resources, such as Sora.


Nightengale Elementary Library Mission 

It is the role of the Library Media Program to cultivate an enthusiasm for reading, which is the foundation for developing effective users of ideas and information. In our technology-driven society, information is everywhere.
In the Massena Central School District, the Library Media Program is an extension of the classroom. Collaboration between the librarian and classroom teachers and supporting Common Core is the key to student success.
April was our National Poetry Month
Thanks to all the students who are writing poems! Here a few. 
:) Mrs.Rowley
In the Night,                                                          The sun is down,
There is no light,                                                   No light in town,
But the moon is bright,                                        The moon gets a crown,
And the stars are a sight.                                     The stars are all wearing gowns,
Written By                                                               The day flowers frown,
Vaishnavi Lingam                                                   The sun is down.