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Parking Lot

We make every attempt to ensure the safety of our students here at Nightengale Elementary School.  One concern our monitors have expressed is the danger of pick-up traffic in the faculty parking lot at the end of the school day.

We would ask that drivers not cross the yellow diagonal lines painted on the pavement in front of the door, which designates a no-parking, no-standing zone.  We would also respectfully request that drivers queue up in a line so that children leaving school aren’t darting through parked faculty cars to get to their ride home.

Another area that is very tight is the visitor parking areas in front of the school’s main entrance.  I have observed many very close calls as people back up to try to get out of a parking space when other vehicles are idling perpendicularly as they wait to pick up their children at the end of the day or drop them off in the morning.  This space is really designed for parents and others who have business in the building to park and leave their vehicles.  

When the winter weather is upon us, and icy snow-covered parking lots are as inevitable as snow banks, which make maneuvering in an even tighter space all the more potentially dangerous for our youngsters and for those who are picking them up from school.

So, even though some folks do not like to use the pick-up lane off Nightengale Avenue, I would encourage you to consider it.  It is the safest route we can provide for picking up and dropping off your children.  We want to protect them anyway we can.  We also worry about potential fender benders in slippery, too crowded areas.

Thank you in advance for any way you can help us ensure the safe arrival and departure of our students and their drivers!